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Exciting News - 2017 Retreat at Portsea, Victoria
  Saturday and Sunday, August 26th and 27th.

International Guest and Key Speaker - Diane May

Diane is a delightful and dynamic teacher, speaker and author. She is past president of TT International Association and has written 4 books on TT.
Diane will also present several pre and post retreat workshops.

Pre and Post Retreat Workshops available
Put these dates in your diary

  Here is the link to the 2017 Retreat booklet with information on the Retreat and Workshops, and registration forms. 2017 Retreat Brooklet

  Here is the link to the 2017 Retreat brochure 2017 Retreat Brochure

Therapeutic Touch - Balancing the Human Energy Field
  Therapeutic Touch is a natural healing modality.

It is a scientifically based approach to healing founded on the premise that the body, mind and emotions form a dynamic energy field which includes and extends beyond the physical body.

In health, the human energy field is in balance and in disease there is imbalance and disorder.

Therapeutic Touch treatment is given with the intent to re-pattern the energy field of the person receiving the treatment in the direction of health and healing.

Therapeutic Touch has practiced in hospitals and health care settings for 40 years as an adjunct to support regular medical care.

To learn Therapeutic Touch
  Go to 'Events' in the menu bar and choose 'Education and Training' to connect with a Therapeutic Touch Teacher.

Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia - Membership
Membership Categories
  Member (General)
Annual Fee: $75
This category of Membership is open to any individual who has completed Therapeutic Touch (Krieger/Kunz method) with a Basic / Level I or above Certification.

  Member (Concession)
Annual Fee: $35
This category's qualification requirements are the same as for General Membership but the individual must possess a Pension, Healthcare or Student card to be eligible. A copy of the eligible card must be included with the application.

  Member (New Student)
Annual Fee: $35
This category is open to individuals who are just commencing their training in Therapeutic Touch. To be eligible for this category you must apply to join the Association within 30 days of commencing your Therapeutic Touch Training.
Note: This category of membership covers the remainder of the financial year in which you join, plus the following full financial year.

  TTAA Membership Application Form
Here is the link Membership Form

Therapeutic Touch

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2017 Retreat at Portsea

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