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Therapeutic Touch - Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of Therapeutic Touch?
  Therapeutic Touch can help people feel less stressed and more relaxed.
Studies have shown that atherapeutic Touch can:
lower anxiety

reduce pain

stabilise blood pressure

accelerate healing

induce relaxation

settle agitated behaviour

What other benefits are often experienced by Therapeutic Touch clients?
  improved sleeping patterns

strengthened immune system

a sense of well-being

tension headache relief

increased intuition and creativity

Therapeutic Touch combines well with many other therapies. It is a non-invasive gentle approach to healing.

What can TT be used for?
  TT can be used as a complementary therapy to support people experiencing the following conditions and the associated medical treatments:

General relaxation and stress management

Chronic fatigue



Chronic pain


Dementia and age related conditions

Acute trauma

Sleep disorders

Pre and post surgery

Where can TT be used?
  At home, as a meditative practice for wellbeing

In the community, for family and friends

In emergency situations, to calm and settle all those involved

Health & Wellbeing industries, including aged and palliative care etc.

How long has Therapeutic Touch (TT) been practiced?
  Therapeutic Touch was develpoed by Prof. Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and Dora Kunz, a natural healer, in 1972. TT is widely taught and is now practised in over 80 countries by health care professionals, members of the community and their families.

What happens in a Therapeutic Touch Treatment?
  You will be seated or lying down and fully clothed during the treatment. Where possible a TT session is carried out in a quiet and calm environment. The TT practitioner will work with compassion and focus their attention on you in a non-invasive way throughout the treatment.
They will assess your energy field by moving their hands 10-20cm away from the body.
The practitioner will then bring your energy field back into balance by moving, re- patterning or transferring energy. Their hands will be held just above or sometimes lightly on your body during this process.

What will I feel during a treatment?
  Most people experience profound relaxation and calm during a treatment. Others may not feel anything at the time but experience an improved sense of wellbeing up to several days after a treatment.

How long are the treatments?
  Treatments usually last from several minutes up to 20 minutes, followed by a 10-20 minute rest. The number of treatments required will vary according to assessed need.

How much does a treatment cost?
  The cost of a treatment is set by the practitioner, but usually is in a range of $80 to $120 an hour. Please check fee with the practitioner when making an appointment.

More about Therapeutic Touch?
  "Healing is a humanisation of energy and Therapeutic Touch is a natural human potential. It is not a miracle cure. The miracle is that Therapeutic Touch can be done by everyone - including you." ...Dolores Krieger
Therapeutic Touch has one of the strongest research bases of any complementary health modality used in Australasia, the USA and the UK.

Can TT be used alongside other therapies?
  Therapeutic Touch can be incorporated into mainstream health care practice in hospitals - sometimes requiring only a short time to achieve a profound effect. TT combines well with other modalities including acupuncture, massage, Reiki, general medical practice and psychotherapy.

Want to know more about Therapeutic Touch?
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