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Into the Future - Healing Life with Therapeutic Touch
September 2007
Internationl Speakers:

Dr Chery Ann Hoffmeyer PhD RN
Diane May RN
Reflections on the TT Advanced Workshop and Conference by Jane Hall
  The Brahma Kumaris Centre had a wonderful ambiance. The energies which are finely tuned by the constant processes of meditation, and the emphasis on compassion and peace upheld our workshops and conference. It was like being 'at home in TT', we almost seemed to float on bed of supportive energies. Several people suggested that this would be a wonderful venue to have an ongoing retreat - perhaps an Australian Indralya!!

What a great time we had with Chery Ann Hoffmeyer - she not only presented Advanced Therapeutic Touch, she embodied it. The main focus of advanced level course was the deepening of our practice and our lives. Chery Ann guided us through the Deep Dee process in a 'simple' easy and elegant approach of asking questions as we encountered the field going deeper, being open, allowing the answers to flow back to us at the appropriate time. Chery Ann encouraged in us an attitude of curiosity, and demonstrated how to continually stay on center, alert and aware while going deeper and deeper. She reminded us of Dee's words that 'TT is not for Sissie's' it takes courage to engage with ourselves and others at that level. We explored research and theoretical bases of TT and any number of issues and questions that arose during the 2 days.

As for Diane May's Intermediate workshop - someone who participated must write in more detail of those delights - the participants I spoke to were ecstatic.

During the Conference both Chery Ann and Diane May presented a wonderful approach to TT which was true to our inheritance from Dee and Dora yet open and flowing, allowing room for changes and shifts in consciousness and awareness. They demonstrated how the core processes of centering, assessment, rebalancing and evaluation, combined with compassion and the clear intent to work within the TT framework can accommodate the use of modalities such as sound, as well as other modalities. Chery Ann emphasised the value of reflection and journaling of TT practice and any other modalities we may use. She presented her approach of keeping a separate journal for each modality, then focusing on one or the other over a period of time.

We all felt the new energy and life which has flowed into Therapeutic Touch internationally and nationally. It's as though we have shifted gear, and with Dee's blessing - she sent a signed copy of her book 'Living the Therapeutic Touch' and messages of support and love.

Let's take this wonderful energy and run with it into the following 3 years until our next conference!!

Chery Ann & Diane
Chery Ann & Diane

Jane, Diane & Di
Jane, Diane & Di

Conference Committee & Overseas Guests
Conference Committee & Overseas Guests

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